We are ChiliRank.

Dedicated journalists, researchers, designers and online marketers sharing the same goal: create industry leading product comparisons & buying guides.

Behind the brand.

Here is an overview of the team behind ChiliRank.com.

Patric Tarnhamn

Team manager

Kenny Lee


Rex Tiwary


What we do.


Putting together our thoughts down to words is one of our main jobs here. We take a lot of pride in crafting great articles for our visitors to read. We aim to have the highest quality journalism & writing in the industry, when it comes to comparing products & giving buying advice.


We know that if our articles and product ratings are going to be valued by our visitors we need to do great research. Everything we do when it comes to writing and rating starts with knowledge. If we can't test the products ourselves we aim to do enough research about it to be able to give trustworthy advice.

Product rating

Another big part of ChiliRank is our scoring system that determines how we grade and rate the products we compare. We take our rating system very seriously as we view this as being one of the main reasons people will keep revisiting our website.

SEO & marketing

Our hard work would be for nothing if nobody would visit our pages. That is why we also take on the role & mindset of online markets when crafting our content. We make sure our articles are optimized in a way they are easy to find and be shared online.

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If you want to get in touch with us regards business opportunity, job or a general question please feel free to do so. You can reach out to us by email at our contact page here.
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