Affiliate Link Disclosure

Why do we use affiliate links?

Everyone writing for Chilirank has one thing in common. We love quality products and enjoy the research that goes into finding them. But it takes time. The planning, researching, and writing would not be possible if it could not generate anything back. Affiliate programs make it possible for us to share information for free while doing something we love.

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What is an affiliate link?

It's the links in our articles taking you to an external website where you can buy the product we are promoting. The link contains a unique "affiliate ID code" that lets the other website know where the visitor came from.

When you visit an external website through our affiliate links an "affiliate tracking ID" is recorded and stored in your browser cookies. You can learn more about how to manage your browser cookies here.

affiliate link example at

Example. The green button in the blue circle contains an affiliate link.

When do we receive a commission?

If a visitor clicks on one of our affiliate links and makes a purchase on the external website, we may earn a commission. There're rules for earning a commission and those are decided by the external website or partner responsible for the affiliate program.

Do you have to pay extra for clicking on affiliate links?

No. There is no extra charge added to your product because you go through our links. The commission we may earn comes from the seller's profit. The price is the same for you regardless of there is an related affiliate ID or not.

Is our advice biased depending on commission rates?

No. Our opinions, research, and ranks regards product quality is never influenced by our financial gains. The product ranks in our articles are concluded before the affiliate links are embedded.

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