Best Pressure Cooker You Can Buy In Singapore

Best Pressure Cooker You Can Buy In Singapore (2021)

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"I don't really need a pressure cooker, it's not very useful."
- Said nobody ever.

Pressure cookers are made to cut time in the kitchen, preserve nutrients, and lower your electricity bill.

But that’s not all…

They are usually packed inside the multipurpose devices that can steam rice, sauté vegetables, slow cook, keep the food warm, etc.

As they are extremely useful, I decided to take a deeper look. I’ve researched the best pressure cooker you can buy in Singapore.

Scroll down to see what I’ve found.

Hottest pick

This Philips pressure cooker knows how to cook on low or high heat, saute, sear, keep food warm, and lots more. And the best part is – it comes at a reasonable price.

Philips HD2137 All-In-One is among the highest-rated and best-seller electric pressure cookers and multi cookers in Singapore. On Lazada and Shopee, it has more than 1000 reviews combined, with an average rating of 4.9/5.

Alongside with outstanding modes and specifications, this Philips pressure cooker is the best buy in Singapore.

Pre-programmed cooking programs such as soup, risotto, rice, steam, or meat will make your time spent in the kitchen easier than ever. Yet if you prefer to manually set it up, there is still an option. It’s enough to set the heat, run the timer, and come back when everything’s ready.

Besides the regular pressure cooking options, we liked the slow cooking method for up to 12 hours. This makes perfect stews and curries with tougher cuts of meat. Flavors and spices have the time to develop, and meat releases collagen, making it super tender.

Philips did think about safety as well. In total there are 9 different safety measures, including auto pressure release.

When you add a moderate price tag and 2 years warranty to the story, it becomes clear that Philips HD2137 All-In-One is the hottest pick.

Also hot

The only thing that Ninja Foodi can’t do is grocery shopping. Yet, if you need steaming, grilling, baking, roasting, or even frying – you can consider it done.

Ninja Foodi is a true revolution in multifunctional kitchen appliances. This single pot device replaces a pressure cooker, deep fryer (air fryer), grill, slow cooker, and vegetable steamer.

This versatile cooker comes in handy for those who want to eat healthy food without sacrificing taste and texture. With the air fryer, you'll restrict the consumption of artificial trans fats and saturated fats.

Fry mode performs exceptionally well when dealing with chicken and poultry. The skin gets nice and crispy, while the inside is well cooked. The reason for this is a fairly high frying temperature of 210° Celsius.

Major downsides are the appearance and price. Ninja Foodi takes up a significant portion of counter space and costs three times the price of an average pressure cooker.

Top 5 best Pressure Cookers


  • Capacity: 6l
  • Functions: Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, saute, sear
  • Warranty: 2 years

Reasons to buy

  • Intelligent premade programs
  • Versatile functionality
  • High build quality
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Good warranty

Reasons not to buy

  • Lacks smart functions
  • No air fryer

      Our verdict

      Philips HD2137 All-In-One has everything one home chef may need for easy meal preparation during the busy workweek. A sufficient amount of different modes and cooking styles will cover most of the different dishes. With Philips HD2137 All-In-One you get much more than you pay for.

      Ranks & verdicts by trusted sources


      "As a full-time housewife cooking for my family for more than 3 decades, I found the PHILIPS All-In-One Pressure Cooker an excellent ‘assistant’ in my kitchen. Having used the cooker to prepare one of the most tedious dishes I have ever done before and now, getting it cooked in just merely 30 minutes of cooking time." Read the full article here


      "The Philips Philips Viva Collection Cooker is an excellent pressure cooker. But it is much more than that. It can slow cook, stew, boil soups, cook rice and even steam. And you can do it all with a simple click of a button." Read the full article here

      Psst. At ChiliRank we value trustworthiness and expertise before profit which means our advice is never influenced by financial gains. We just thought you like to know that.

      Why you can trust our advice

      As an amateur home cook struggling with time and space, I like to keep things as practical as they can get. If there is a simple solution to a problem, I'll play on that card.

      That is exactly what I think about multi-functional kitchen appliances. If there is one thing that's replacing the functionality of two you're using anyway - go for it! Unless you're compromising the quality of course.

      I find multifunctional pressure cooker very helpful and use it regularly. Although it's mostly used as a rice cooker, once I get the inspiration the full potential is released.

      When I researched for this guide, I looked for products with a wide purpose and functionality. I looked for ones that help in the kitchen on a daily basis.

      Why we picked out Philips HD2137 All-In-One and Ninja Foodi

      As I've just pointed out - I looked for products with the highest functionality. Kitchen appliances are something that you should be regularly using, and there's no point if they're collecting dust or serve as napkin holders.

      Another ranking factor was value for money. Although Ninja Foodi has an additional air frying option, it's not in the first place because of its price. One extra option (out of many) doesn't make up for 3 times higher price - compared with Philips HD2137 All-In-One.

      According to specs and features on paper, Tefal CY601 was a decent candidate for the first place. It is a newer product, with a good looking design and mind-blowing advanced modes such as sous-vide. However, because of the lack of supporting evidence in the form of user's comments, reviews, and rankings, we couldn't tell if that product is really as good as it's advertised.

      How to use a pressure cooker

      Back in my days, we've been using a stovetop WMF pressure cooker. These are not nearly as identical as these modern ones. You would need to take care of the air pressure and manipulate it manually with heat or water.

      Now, with multifunctional pressure cookers, making a meal is a foolproof task. All you have to do is to take a weighing scale, measure your ingredients, put them into a pot, and click on a corresponding cooking mode.

      What are the benefits of a pressure cooker?

      The most common benefits are shorter cooking time (and less energy consumed) and retaining vitamins. Since the food is packed with water-soluble vitamins, we waste these in the evaporation during traditional cooking.

      If you're into healthy eating - here's one advice. Since the essential ingredient in pressure cooking is water, make sure it doesn't have any sediments, rust, and microorganisms. Yet if you're unsure about the water quality, using a water filter may help.

      Also, in hot and humid climates such as Singapore's, a pressure cooker is used to restrict the evaporation of unnecessary cooking liquids. Otherwise, a dehumidifier is the essential kitchen gadget.

      How does a pressure cooker work?

      A pressure cooker is a hermetically closed pot that's trapping the steam produced from boiling water inside the vessel. This results in high pressure and raised cooking temperatures inside the pressure cooker.

      Can a pressure cooker explode?

      Technically yes, but that's not something that usually happens. And the explosion wouldn't occur as you might imagine. The pressure inside is around 2 atmospheres, which is the same as a can of beer. It is not a small pressure, but neither is strong enough to harm you.

      How long do you pressure cook?

      Vegetables from 2 to 10 minutes (depending on the hardness) and meat up to 1 hour.

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