Best Water Dispensers in Singapore

Best Water Dispensers

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Do you or your children fall ill for no reason? Do you often get inexplicable rashes or sores? It may be the water.

Chemicals in Singapore’s piped supply can negatively affect some Singaporeans households and a water dispenser may be the antidote you need.

A dispenser and purifier helps improve the quality and taste of homemade food and drinks. And there’s also the luxury of having instant hot water for a cuppa or cold water for a lemonade.

I've researched the best water dispensers in Singapore. The picks below combines stellar performance, intuitive tech, aesthetics and affordability.

Hottest pick

Hottest pick

Release date: November 2017

6-stage purifier Smart functionality  Limited warranty

Also hot

Hottest pick

Release date: 01-07-2015

2-year warranty Compact  Average-sized tank

Also hot

Hottest pick

Release date: 2019

2-year warranty  5-stage purifier and UV   Immobile (piped), heavy

Release date: -

Huge temperature range Self-cleaning  No purifier

Release date: 2019

Low price Integrated TDS monitor  No warranty

Frequently asked questions

Choosing the ‘Best Water Dispenser’ – It’s a Science (plus some Maths)

It’s insane how many ‘Best Thingamajig in Singapore’-type guides are just product descriptions and a collection of reworded reviews off the internet. There is no real order to the ranking, no logic to why one device beats another. In short, they don’t really help you make the best purchase.

At ChiliRank, we do things differently.

The process begins with a shortlist of between 15 and 20 products that receive consistently good reviews. In this case, we considered 17 water dispensers ranging from the simple to the extremely sophisticated.

We then consider the chief criteria that Singaporeans look for in that particular product. Portability, tank capacity, filter system, temperature control and cost figure heavily when it comes to water dispensers. By placing the relevant data in a table, we find the top contenders that balance all these factors.

Tbl 1 - 17 water dispensers compared

The shortlist is then whittled down to about 10 (here, we settled with 8).

By ranking the features of these qualifiers against each other, we find the 5 finalists (highlighted in yellow above). They are pitted against each other one last time to give us the final rank. 

Now, you understand why this is not just another typical ‘Best’ article. ChiliRank spends the time and effort to ensure that when we recommend something, it stands up to scrutiny and really is the best product for you.

My conclusion

Our long and detailed assessment process culminates in the Hot List, a list of 5 devices that feature the optimum balance of the most popular criteria. This approach evens the playing field. It is why the simple Mijia 3Life pump which costs less than $40 makes the top 5 when the fancy $1,999 Tomal Global Freshdew, which was one of 17 devices we considered, does not.

I like to use a ‘radar graph’ to represent the relative strengths and weaknesses of the products on the Hot List. It puts the reasons to buy each one in perspective.

For example, you can immediately tell that if temperature control and high water purity matter, the Morphy Richards (green line) and Philips (grey) offer the best combination of both. Similarly, fans of cheap and portable water dispensers can see that the Mijia (red) is the smallest and most affordable but that they will have to compromise on every other factor.

The Viomi (blue) covers the biggest area, topping or nearly topping every category except for temperature control. If you can settle for that, it is clearly the winner. I certainly thought so.



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