Best Laptop Stand In Singapore

Best Laptop Stands To Buy In Singapore 2021

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More than 76% of the Singapore workforce switched to remote work during 2020. However, the majority is still struggling with bad posture. But what if I told you that even a $30 laptop stand could greatly improve your overall ergonomy?

Not only you will improve posture, but also you will make your workspace clutter-free.

On the other hand, a premium office chair is a must-have. Yet, due to its price, buying one might turn into a project.

That's why we're presenting you with a practical solution for the same price as two McDonalds meals.

Our top list consists of the best laptop stands in Singapore, according to critics' reviews, buyers' comments and ratings on popular shopping platforms.

Scroll down to find which one suits you best!

Hottest pick

Hottest pick
Release date: 01-05-2019
Multifunctional Mimics standing table  Height not adjustable

Also hot

Hottest pick
Release date: 01-01-2016
Sturdy Built-in vent  Odd design
Release date: 01-02-2019
Cool gaming design Multiple cooling fans  Not adjustable

The best portable laptop stands - for people on the move

Small dimensions and lightweight is a characteristic we frequently look in technology, gadgets and accessories.

As people are not so dependent on one location, the need for compactness exponentially increased in the past decade.

If you're feeling identified with above mentioned, take a look at the winners in the lightweight division.

Hottest pick

Hottest pick
Release date: 01-06-2013
Worldwide popularity Design seen before
Release date: 01-07-2018
Ultra portable   Could be sturdier 
Release date: -
Stable  Pricey for a gadget 

Elegant, minimalistic and stylish laptop stands

A great design is definitely an imperative for many offices and home workspaces. Also, technology nowadays is more beautiful than before.

Following the same manner, a poorly designed laptop stand doesn't make a lot of sense.

So if you aim for aesthetics, check out our picks in the beauty category.

Note: Not only they look good, but also perform very well in day-to-day use.

Hottest pick

Hottest pick
Release date: 14-03-2019
Aluminum alloy base   Not suitable for bigger laptops

Also hot

Hottest pick
Release date: 14-08-2017
One piece minimal design  Works the best with MacBook laptops
Release date: 12-02-2016
Top-notch air circulation Not adjustable
Release date: 14-09-2004
Cable manageme  Air ventilation not so great

Other notable mentions

If you came down there and didn't pick a winner for yourself yet, chances are you'll find one here.

These laptop stands didn't make it to the previous categories, yet they are for sure one of the best picks you can buy in Singapore.

Hottest pick

Hottest pick
Release date: 08-10-2018
Completely adjustable Apple friendly  Feels flimsy with heavier laptops
Release date: 13-04-2004
Multifunctional   3.6kg weight capacity
Release date: 19-09-2015
Phone + Laptop stand   A bit heavy - almost 2kg

Frequently asked question


My conclusion

During the research, as the primary factor, we looked for products loved by the masses. Fortunately enough, the ones we loved the most were the best-rated products anyways. If you're not sure about that, feel free to browse sites such as Lazadaa and Shopee, and you'll find honest comments and users' reviews on your own.

And for the bonus points, we gave an advantage to products with a multi-functional purpose.

Therefore, it's not a coincidence that the Moft Z 5-in-1  is our top pick. If you've been thinking about the standing table, yet didn't find the right opportunity to buy one - now it's the time to mimic that experience.

Additionally, on the second spot, we have an amazing and sturdy laptop table that can be used as a laptop bed desk. With Xgear A8, you can forget about clogging your laptop fans and enjoy the movie from your bed.

How should you sit at a laptop?


The ideal posture is to sit with your back straight, with arms bent at around 90 degrees, resting on your keyboard and mouse.

Additionally, the top of your monitor or laptop screen should be at the eye level or slightly above. In other words, you shouldn't bend your neck to see the screen.

How to choose a laptop stand

The best laptop stand doesn't come with one size fits all model. Unfortunately, you'll need to think about what you are looking for beforehand.

Some people prefer portability, while others look for sturdiness. Additionally, some consider the price as a factor, while others don't mind about price when it comes to gadgets and accessories.

In this list, we've included the best of all. You will find a decent gaming laptop stand, a highly portable one, and the laptop table that can be used as a bed desk. Once you analyze and compare those, pick the one you love the most and don't hesitate to buy one.

Why didn't we include an IKEA laptop stand?

IKEA has a good global collection of laptop stands. However, compared to products on our lists, stands from IKEA have much worse usability. Often they're not as sturdy, or the adjustability is way too limited.