Best Monitor Stands 2021 For Great Ergonomic Posture

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Finally, you've bought a decent office chair, armrests are perfectly levelled with the computer table and your posture is better than ever. However, the lacking part that's often forgotten is a monitor stand or monitor arm.

If the stubborn back pain didn't leave together with the old desk setup, chances are you missed this basic step.

As the top of the monitor needs to be at eye level, perhaps you'll need a monitor riser to achieve that perfect ergonomy.

Luckily, we've made in-depth research and found the best monitor stand (monitor arm) in Singapore.

Scroll down to see our picks.

Hottest pick

Hottest pick
Release date: 01-02-2018
Cheap Matching shelves  Finishing could be better

Also hot

Hottest pick
Release date: 10-01-2019
Minimalistic Well-built  Not adjustable 
Release date: 01-05-2018
Drawers for extra storage   Flimsy plastic feel

The best monitor arm in Singapore - A serious workspace upgrade

The past three picks were simple, minimalistic and cheap monitor stands. They are good enough to improve your posture, and some feature storage options.

However, if you're looking for a more advanced, adjustable monitor stand, then you must be looking for a monitor arm.

With the exception of one dual monitor stand, we focused mainly on single monitor arms. If you need the mount for three or four monitors, check the other models from manufacturers we picked - they are making these as well.

Hottest pick

Hottest pick
Release date: 01-01-2010
Tough grip 10-year warranty   Pricy

Also hot

Hottest pick
Release date: 13-12-2019
USB and multimedia ports Amazing design    Minor finishing touch flaws
Release date: 11-12-2019
Bargain price   Flimsy for heavy monitors

Dual monitor stand picks

Many of us work with the laptop + monitor combo, or even two monitors setup. For that reason, a single monitor arm or simple monitor stand often isn't enough.

Here are the top three picks that will greatly improve your workspace. Also, all three are able to transfer one out of two arms into a laptop stand, yet you might need to buy an extra attachment.

Hottest pick

Hottest pick
Release date: 01-01-2010
The best selling and top rated product   Few complains about decline in quality 

Release date: 01-01-2020

Good cable management USB passthrough   Tricky to assmeble
Release date: 08-09-2019
Extremely sturdy   Problematic with wall-facing desks

Frequently asked question

Looking for a laptop stand instead?

Monitor and laptop stands are a common ground - they serve the same purpose, and some products even overlap.

Luckily for you, we made the most comprehensive laptop stand article to help you with the buying process. Check it out and see if a laptop stand suits you more.

Advice and conclusions by trusted YouTubers

Reviewer: David Zhang
Channel: David Zhang
“Monitor arms are one of my must-have accessories for the home office. Whether you spend $25 for a basic one or $300 for a premium high-end model.

I find it’s a great investment to my computer setup to help save space on the desk. Can help with ergonomics to set the monitor at the right height and angle for my comfort.”

My conclusion

Our list consists of top-rated and the best value for money products available in Singapore. We picked products from different categories, so on this list, you can find desktop monitor stands and single and double monitor arms.

According to the reviews seen on these products, I can tell that many cheap monitor arms are performing very decently. However, the usual problem is a lack of stability. So if you are not willing to compromise quality, go for reputable brands and our top picks.

Other notable mentions

During the research, we've seen a couple of IKEA monitor stand models as well as a few Ergotron monitor arms. However, models on our list had slightly better overall reviews and more positive comments on webshops.

How should I position my monitor?

For the best body posture, the monitor should be placed directly in front of you. The distance depends on the resolution, yet in most cases, 50 to 100cm is the perfect length.

Height of the monitor should be adjusted so you don't need to tilt your head to see the monitor. The perfect case is to position the top of the monitor at the eyesight level, or slightly above.

DIY monitor stand


If you are not planning on buying a monitor stand yet, there is a temporary go-to solution. You can take the shelf or similar piece of furniture with the proper height and use it as a monitor stand.

Additionally, the easiest method you can do in no time is to stack a pile of books and place a monitor on the top.