Best Weighing Scale In Singapore

Best Weighing Scale In Singapore (Ranked Reviews)

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I’ve always thought that weighing scales only piles up the misery.

But my doctor has different thoughts.

At the verge of being rated obese, I was told to get a weighing scale. According to my wise doctor, it is to help kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

And here I am, browsing through dozens of different models and finally, handpicked some of the best. 

I’m not sure if it’ll be of any help in shedding off a few kg, but I’m certain that these weighing machines will not be lying about my weight. 

Read on and check out which captured my attention.

Hottest pick

A feature-rich weighing scale that reports 13 types of body statistics accurately. It features a modern design and connects to the Mi Fit app with the latest power-saving Bluetooth 5.0.  

Like any products of Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Weighing Scale V2 is a sight to behold. I wouldn’t mind having it in my home even if it means confronting my less-than-ideal weight each day.

On a serious note, I like the fact that it’s updated with the Bluetooth 5.0 technology. If you’re using Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds, you’ll know that it hardly drains the battery at all. 

Ideally, I prefer a weighing scale that does more than telling how many kilograms that I’ve put on. With the Mi Fit app, I’ll be able to track up to 17 types of metrics that give a better picture of my health.

Not every weighing scale in Singapore gives you such a huge array of stats. And according to what I’ve researched, the Xiaomi Weighing Scale V2 is highly accurate, which means I won’t be scared into thinking I’ve put on half a kilo overnight.

Also hot


Expect premium quality and high precision from this modern weighing scale. Works with Omron Connect app to provide 7 different types of data. 

Claiming the second spot is the Omron Weighing Scale HBF-222T. As a leading electronics brand, particularly in the medical industry, Omron didn’t disappoint with this weighing scale.

It’s perfect for a small household like mine as the weighing scale can store up to 4 users in its memory. It makes syncing the data for your family members easy.

You’ll get 7 types of body composition metrics calculated from the app, which means there’s no need to manually figure it out with a separate app.

Omron’s products are known to be reliable and durable, and the Omron Weighing Scale HBF-222T is no different. Besides, it’s protected by a 1-year local warranty.

My only complaint? It’s not the cheapest in town.

Top 5 best Weighing Scales


  • Connects to Mi Fit App
  • Auto user identification (Up to 16 users)
  • Measures 30 x 30.5 x 2.5 cm

Reasons to buy

  • Accurate measurements of up to 50 grams.
  • Measures up to 13 types of data in the app.
  • Sleek and slim design.
  • Can be used to measure small items.
  • Supports body-balance tests.

Reasons not to buy

  • It isn’t rechargeable.

      Our verdict

      Xiaomi Weighing Scale V2 is arguably the best weighing scale that’s worth your money. It features Xiaomi’s recognizable sleek and slim design and reports up to 13 types of statistics including BMI, visceral fat, muscle mass and body age. With a Bluetooth 5.0 upgrade, expect a longer battery lifespan than its predecessor.

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      “Having the data recorded in an app for easy monitoring and the other body metrics are just a great bonus! It looks and feels like a great product. Would recommend to anyone looking for a smart scale.” Read the full article here

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      Why you can trust our advice

      I’m a writer, which also means that I spent most of my waking hours sitting on an office chair facing the laptop.

      And with my absence from the gym for years, it’s only natural that my pot belly shows no sign of shrinking.

      With the latest warning for my doctor, I got a wake-up call, which prompts me to search for a weighing scale. 

      I hope it helps to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, or at least, reminds me to be mindful of my diet. 

      I’ve compared the different weighing scales available in Singapore and picked the best ones for a tech enthusiast like me.

      Preferably, I’ll need one that does more than showing my weight, which is in danger in hitting 3 figures. This explains why the Xiaomi Weighing Scale V2, which provides more than a dozen statistic through the app, is my top favourite.

      Why we picked out Xiaomi Weighing Scale V2 and Omron Weighing Scale HBF-222T

      It’s a no brainer for me to pick the Xiaomi Weighing Scale V2 as the winner. I’m impressed by how it managed to rival leading brands in terms of accuracy.

      The fact that it could easily integrate to the Mi Fit app greatly influences its status as the top-ranked weighing scale. I mean, what more could you ask when you have 17 different metrics for your body composition? 

      The low-profile design of the Xiaomi Weighing Scale V2, which is only about 2 cm, means that I could easily store it under cabinets. 

      Meanwhile, the Omron Weighing Scale HBF-222T is a well-deserving runner up for its quality and durability.

      Like Xiaomi, it can be paired with an app where you’ll get reports of the body composition analysis. However, it only shows 7 types of data, which is less than half of what Xiaomi is capable of.

      Weighing vs Balance Scale: What’s the difference?

      A weighing scale uses the force of gravity to measure the weight of the object. What you’re using to measure your body weight is a weighing scale. If you bring a weighing scale to the moon, you’ll have a different reading as the moon’s gravity is lesser than earth.

      Meanwhile, a balance scale compares an object with an unknown mass against one with a known mass. Balance scales are not dependent on gravity and are commonly used in laboratories and medical facilities.

      Where to buy digital weighing scales in Singapore?

      If you’re looking for a digital scale in Singapore, you’ll usually find it at retail outlets like Watson or Guardian.

      Alternatively, you can shop at Lazada or Shopee, which gives you more options like the Xiaomi Weighing Scale V2.

      Do you need to calibrate digital weighing scales?

      Digital scales functions with electronic sensors and the reading may go off after prolonged usage. Some weighing scales can be calibrated and you’ll need to refer to the manual for the exact steps.

      How to get an accurate reading on a weighing scale?

      If you’re not using the weighing scale properly, you may get inaccurate readings. To save you from getting agitated over nothing, here are a few things you need to do.

      • Place the scale on an even surface.
      • Try to stick with the same location where you place the weighing scale.
      • Allow the weighing scale to self-calibrate (if applicable) before stepping on it.
      • Stand straight, face forward and wait for the reading to stabilize before stepping off.

      Is a digital scale more accurate than an analogue scale?

      It’s fair to say that digital scales tend to provide more accurate readings than analogue ones. Digital scales use electronic sensors, while analogue scales are based on a spring mechanism. The latter is prone to wear and tear as time passes.

      Also, digital scales eliminate human error when reading the numbers. If you’re using an analogue scale, you’re unable to get an accurate decimal point reading.