Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 2020

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I've spent over 30 hours researching wireless bluetooth earbuds.

And yes, the selection is a bit overwhelming.

New products are constantly released and you properly came here with one questions in mind:

  • Which earbuds are the best?

I've done the research for you and here are the best wireless earbuds you can buy in 2020.

Hottest pick

It has bluetooth 5.0, IP57 water proofing, good microphone quality and quick charging. Lastly but not least, the sound quality is great! 

After watching a dussin YouTube videos on the topic "best true wireless earbuds" and reading up on different reviews it was clear that the Jabra brand was a top player in it's field.

The new line Jabra Active Elite 75t comes with 7.5 hours of battery life on a single charge and a total of 28 hours with the case. The design is clean & minimalistic. The earbuds has a snugged fit and stays securely in place even during activities like running.

What made me pick the Jabras as the hottest wireless earpiece was an combination of great audio, battery life, compact case, earbud fit & pricing (it's a bit cheaper then some other top models). You find more product info about the Jabra's further down.

Also hot

A close competitor to the Jabra's but these comes with active noise cancelling. So if's you're already an apple fan you're going to love these.

We all know Apple is a strong brand within the wireless earbud space. When they released their first classic AirPods they were way ahead other brands in product quality. And the latest Apple AirPods Pro has once again managed to push innovation and technology to new limits. This product covers the most important areas:

  • Compact and stylish design
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Great call quality
  • Good sound

The only drawback with this product is their price tag. They belong in the category of premium priced earbuds. However, if you can afford the price tag it's a purchase you will be happy with.

Top 5 best bluetooth earbuds

Psst. At ChiliRank we value trustworthiness and expertise before profit which means our advice is never influenced by financial gains. We just thought you like to know that.

Why you can trust our advice

I have spent more then 30 hours researching this field before writing this article. I've scanned dussins of videos and reviews and the recommended earbuds on this page is what all research resulted in.

I'm personally very passionate about good audio quality. Headphones and earbuds technology is something I love to dig deep into. After completing this research, I ended up buying the Jabra's for myself and I am very happy I did. My high expectations are well met!

Why we picked out Jabra Active Elite 75t and Apple AirPods Pro

Our hottest recommendations goes to the products that can deliver a well rounded quality product. Meaning, other products might perform slightly better a particular area. The sound experience might be slightly crispier in the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 or noise cancellation might be better in the Sony WF-1000XM3. But in these scenarios there is a trade-offs, like the casing is a bit bigger with the Sonys and the pricing is very high for the Momentum 2.

In the end, whats best for your comes down to what details you value most. We like to encourage you to trust your own opinions and feel free to do your own research with help of our list with resources found in the end of this article.

Best budget wireless earbuds

You probably noticed that the products listed above all comes with a medium/premium price tag. But if you're looking to spend a bit less money we have a decided to create a dedicated article covering the best budget wireless earbuds. The article is currently under production and will be linked here when it's live.

Where to buy earbuds in Singapore?

You can go to your local electronic shop, but to make sure you get the best deal, we recommend you to check websites like either Lazada or Qoo10.

Is it better to go for a cheaper earbuds?

It depends on your expectations and personal preference. If you care a lot about sounds quality and pay attention to details, you should probably avoid some budget and look for the something in the medium/high price category.

How long does earbuds last?

Like with any product the lifespan of your product is certainty a quality factor. We don't have any testing on this but you should opt for something with IP57 water proofing to increase your changes of having your earbuds for longer.