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17 Best Mechanical Keyboards Money Can Buy (Singapore 2021)

In Keyboards by Jovan Grigorijev

Mechanical keyboards’ lifespan ranges from 30 to 70 million keypresses. That is 10 times higher compared to a standard,¬†membrane keyboard …

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10 Ultimate Projector Screens For Indoor And Outdoor Use

In Screens & displays by Jovan Grigorijev

A decent projector screen can turn even a portable projector into a legitimate home cinema. On the other hand, if …

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20 Best Duffle Bags For Travel, Sports and Outdoor Activities

In Assesories by Jovan Grigorijev

Duffle bag combines the best of both words – suitcases and backpacks. Plus, it’s more convenient, and often with a …

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The 16 Best Wireless Bluetooth Keyboards In 2021

In Keyboards by Patric TarnhamnLeave a Comment

There are many reasons to invest in a wireless or Bluetooth keyboard: Clutter-free desk No USB port hassle A more …

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Best Stovetop & Electric Kettles 2021 For an Enjoyable Brew

In Home tech by Jovan Grigorijev

An electric kettle is not only the safest method for boiling water but also the most energy-efficient solution you can …

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Best Laptop Stands To Buy In Singapore 2021

In Mouse, Assesories by Jovan Grigorijev

More than 76% of the Singapore workforce switched to remote work during 2020. However, the majority is still struggling with …

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Best Monitor Stands 2021 For Great Ergonomic Posture

In Screens & displays by Jovan GrigorijevLeave a Comment

Finally, you’ve bought a decent office chair, armrests are perfectly levelled with the computer table and your posture is better …

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Best Water Dispensers in Singapore

In Home tech by Patric TarnhamnLeave a Comment

Do you or your children fall ill for no reason? Do you often get inexplicable rashes or sores? It may …

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Portable Projectors 2021 – Top 8 Most Powerful Picks

In Screens & displays by Jovan GrigorijevLeave a Comment

Did you know that many portable projector manufacturers declare misleading specifications? As a result, you end up with poor brightness …

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Power Banks to Bank On

In Assesories by Patric TarnhamnLeave a Comment

The power bank. Simple but ingenious, it is the ideal solution to our mobile device-ruled lives. We’ve all felt that …